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End of three year contract

Just Moved In
Closing to my long three year contract, I am really happy to be there.
I heard there are promotions for renew term within six months in contract.
I would like to know how good it is .



TELUS do not currently offer promotions to encourage you to renew. What they do offer is to waive any remaining device balance you owe within 3 months of contract expiry, you then just pay the in-market price for the device on a 2-year term. Be warned, if you want a phone like an iPhone, GS4, etc. you'll have to spend at least $70/month going forward.

i have 1 month left on my contract and was told there would be "penalties" for changeing my plan.   so instead of locking me up as a customer again, i now have a month to shop around.  great customer service Telus