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Does live chat agent still exist?

Friendly Neighbour
Does live chat agent still exist? No matter what day or time of day I ask for live chat agent the only option I get is request callback. Why is this?


@tristahx Wrote: Does live chat agent still exist? 


I utilized that service as recently as yesterday. Worked just fine for me.... Cheers


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Friendly Neighbour
I wonder why it's not an option for me anymore... Hasn't been for the last almost 3 months

Just Moved In

Till Jan 2023, the Live Chat service is still the same controlled by robot. It doesn't really help to solve the problem, I still have to call & hold for 2 hours to speak with a real agent to solve the activation problem. The sales rep told me the customer service is better than previously. I would say NO. 

Just Moved In

I have tried contacting live agents 30 times in the past 3 months. It always says no agents are available. And to top up all off their chatbot is terrible. Whats the point in having live chat if you have a bad Bot and no agents.