Discounted International Long Distance - #100


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Telehop has partnered with TELUS mobility to offer a convenient and affordable solution to calling long distance on your TELUS prepaid or postpaid cell phone.


Any TELUS mobility customer can simply dial #100 on their mobile phone and receive discounted long distance rates as low as 5¢/min that appear directly on the customer's existing TELUS mobility bill.


How to use #100:

  • Dial #100 before your international long distance call
  • Follow the brief prompt and dial international number
  • After each call, the customer will receive a free SMS outlining the call details and charges
  • Charges will appear on customer's existing TELUS mobility bill

Things to note:

  • No sign up or activation required - just simply dial #100
  • No hidden fees
  • Available Canada-wide on the TELUS network
  • Over 24 popular international destinations for 5¢/min including USA, Italy, Spain, India, Germany,  U.K., China, Hong Kong, Israel, Greece, Mexico, Australia, and more
  • Over 60 international destinations for under 15¢/minClick for full list of rates here.

For more information on #100 visit:

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Community Power User

This looks quite spam-like even though it isn't. Are you a Telus employee?

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not a TELUS employee but I am a #100 user. I basically just took info off their website and put it here.