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Data usage even with Data turned off

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My son leaves his data turned off all the time (cause he is a good kid) yet his account still shows data usage, even while he is sleeping and his phone is not in his room.  I have checked that all the apps have data turned off as well as the main data off


Community Power User
Community Power User

What phone is he using?  Some use data to download updates in the background, even if data is turned off.


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How have you determined data is off?

  • airplane mode does not count.  On some phones, this can be bypassed.
  • turning on wifi does not count... sometimes the phone goes into an area of poor wifi coverage and reverts to cellular data.


My son has had this issue using an iPhone 5s.


A little help here:


I've never had the issue. I use Norton on my phones. Norton's App Advisor tells me when an app will use high background data, then I don't install it. Norton also scans my installed apps for changes in app behavior, and then warns me so I can uninstall problem apps. Norton has saved me loads of trouble. 🙂