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Data locked

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How do I unlock my data if I accidentally delete the unlock text ?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Can you provide a bit more detail, including the phone you are using?



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It sounds like you are blocked for reaching your $50 in Canadian data usage. Simply log in to > in the black bar on the left hand column click usage > scroll down to Data blocks and Notifications and click on Data Manager Button > it will redirect you to your data manager and you can click to consent to keep incurring overage charges. You would be incurring .05 per mb right now which is about $50 per 1gb. It's much cheaper to purchase a data mid cycle add on to give you more data just this cycle or upgrade your data add on entirely. Just again click on the black bar in the left hand column. This time click mobility plans & devices. Choose a one time add on of $15 for 1gb, 2gb for $25 or change your data add on. You can also call client care at *611 or chat them if you prefer. 

Mobility Client Care Rep