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When I got my phone i was on a plan where I would get 2.5 GB's a month. I recently moved to a new address and did not have internet at home for the first few months.

my bill is usually $66 a month but from going over i got a bill for $250.

I called to temporarily increase my data plan from 2.5 GB's to 4 GB's. I clearly asked if in the future when my building gets internet, if i can go back to my 2.5 GB plan which i was told of course and that won't be a problem.

got internet at home and called to go back to my 2.5 GB plan and they said no. I would pay the same amount I was paying before, but it's only 2 GB's now.

not happy that i am losing 1/2 a GB every month. can you please help?
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Usually when you change a plan, as you did, you would have to switch to a plan in market at the time of the change. The CSR can only select from the plans available in market at the time, they can't creates something which does not currently exist.



Right now there is a 2GB + 1GB offer which may be an option for you.




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I'm not sure how your bill could have been $66 a month and you had the 2.5gb add on. That add on by itself was $35. The cheapest base price it could have been paired with, is $40 for 300 local minutes for the day time. Making your bill $75 before tax. Maybe if you had a grandfathered rate of $40 but, I'm not sure the new data add ons work with the old grandfathered data add ons. I would double check that your plan is what you think it is monthly. That's the first issue. The other thing, is that if you want to change your data add on for the month, which isn't advisable, then you run the risk of it not being around when you want to change it again. It's much more advisable to just add a temporary mid cycle top up. Telus offers the 1gb for $15 or the 2gb for $25. You can add each one up to 3x through the Telus app. If you got a $250 bill that would imply that you simply paid overages. Not upgraded your data. Not mid cycle top ups. So I would be concerned that you either had a large overage before you upgraded the data, or perhaps the data was added for the wrong date? Did you perhaps not understand you had already accumulated all these charges or that you had these options for the mid cycle top ups. Double check your invoice thoroughly or I would call back in and ask for an exception to be made to get you the old data back since you are paying so much in overages. As long as you haven't had any major exceptions in the past then it really shouldn't be a big deal. If I was the agent getting that call I would certainly just give you the feature back since you're paying so much in overages and it sounds like you didn't know.  But, double check your bill for what I mentioned!

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