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Ok, question for you

Im a new to "telus" customer, i was with koodo for a fee years before. I needed a new phone, and ended up switching over.

I check my credit history often. I had a email come in from credit b. Telling me i had a late payment added to my account. Dropped me 40 points! I checked and it was telus. The amount was 158.00. That amount is my april bill, i have a text on my phone telling me that my april bill is due, and if paid by may 8th, the amount owing is 158.01. My billing cycle is on the 8th of every month. I just paid 260 for upcoming bill (due june 8th and my previous bill of 158.01 due may 8th. I have no set up my C.C for auto payment yet. Ive only been with telus 3 months so far. I meant to do it, and tried but it says my card billing address is different than billing address. Have to call C.C. company. Anyways. My question is, how can telus report a payment late, if its not 30 days past due?? My april bill was 158.01. Due may 8th. Paid may 16th. Late payment amount 158 on credit report. If my billing cycle is due on may 8th. 30 days past due would be june 8th?? Its may 20th today????
Meant to say- credit b. Says its 30-59days past due. But its litterally not even 30 days past the billing cycle as im writing this!
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I’m confused. Your billing date, and your due date are different days. Usually they are about 3 weeks apart. Your bill is due when generated, and you have a grace period of 21 days or so. If you paid a bill due by the 8 May on May 20, you are 12 days plus your grace period late.


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Think of the "due date" as the "overdue date," if you don't pay BEFORE that due date, you're overdue. I make statement dates my due dates, and so I can't possibly ever be overdue. It's just safer.


Telus makes it all very clear.


My billing date is the 16th.

I receive my statement on the 19th, but I auto-pay every month on the 18th.

For this month, Telus states on my bill: Balance: $XXX.XX Late charges apply after Jun 11th


A company can't be clearer than that.


Also remember that some companies use the day they capture your payment as the payment made date, and others use the day you paid it. Telus uses the day they capture the payment. For instance, on my account, though I pay on the 18th, "payment made" dates vary from the 19th to the 22nd depending on whether a weekend or holiday got in the way; those are dead days, even online. On the flip-side, my credit card payments use the date I paid as the payment date, no matter when they capture the payment. And so I say again, it's safer to pay sooner. Cat LOL