Credit history with TELUS being ignored


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From 1980 to 2009 I was a Clearnet ( bought by TELUS) and TELUS customer.

Decided to a break for a few years from TELUS as a customer

In the mean time I changed my name.

I signed up again with TELUS with home Internet in October of 2016.

TELUS were not going allow me to sign up for any services under my new name.

No credit history on file under my new name, ww

Had to use my old name to sign up for a home account.

Wanted recently to get on a month to month plan with a new phone.

No go from TELUS. They wanted a big deposit to secure the new phone and plan.

How do I convince TELUS to carry forward my credit history with them to get a new phone and plan?


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Telus would assess your credit rating with the credit bureaus for you account. The only way I can see to use your old name, might be to use your SIN as one of your ID, as it should be unchanged through your name change. Without documentation supporting your name change, Telus can't sensibly use another name as yours.


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You shouldn't have to pay a deposit for having no credit. They should put you on the credit limit program for six months.


Use your old name to get your phone plan; then change your name with Telus after you have the plan, and then your new name will link to your old credit rating. This is, of course, if you changed your name legally. If you did not, then Telus can't use a non-legal name.

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TELUS Employee

I was offered the choice of either a $400 security deposit or a $250 credit limit, when I brang my own phone, yesterday.
I chose the latter, for obvious reason.
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There are several reasons a credit check may return a poor rating.
1. It sounds like some name trickery! The name must match the driver's license, credit bureau, credit card, social insurance or any information provided. Or it will mess the credit check up royally! If need to change your name legally. If you have make sure it's updated with the bank, credit bureau and any other pieces you used.
2. The person doing the credit check entered something incorrectly. It can be something as easy as spelling your name Ashley instead Ashleigh-jane that can effect it. Our credit specialists would need to rerun a manual credit check a second time to fix this. If it's done by the same company within 30 days it will not hit your credit again.

Other than that you would need to contact equifax to see what's hitting your credit. Telus can't look at your previous credit history as they don't store that information. They simply as the credit bureau what they see when opening a new account. For existing customers who want to add a new line then they can see your payment history but not customers who aren't with telus anymore. Or who have home services. As mobility and home services don't share payment history.
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You had to use your old name? It’s not even legal since your new name is effective.