Credit card charges are not properly categorized

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I get 2% cash back from Tangerine Mastercard on recurring bill payments.

Unfortunately, my $11.20 automatic monthly charge for my prepaid plan does not show up as a recurring bill payment on Tangerine Mastercard, even though it should.

Apparently the vendor (Telus Mobility) must specifically categorize charges when sending the charge to the card issuer, for any type of credit card issued by any bank or financial institution.

For example, when I purchase something at a restaurant, the restaurant automatically sends the “Restaurant” category information to the credit card issuer, and I get my 2% back for a purchase in that category.

Right now, Telus Mobility isn’t submitting that category information to the credit card companies for recurring monthly payments on prepaid plans, so the companies can’t properly categorize recurring bill payments charged by Telus Mobility.

Telus, please fix this by sending the category information to the credit card companies along with each transaction.

This is your obligation as a vendor.
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+1 for this thread, Telus should update their Mastercard category to "Recurring payment".


I'm guessing this still isn't fixed......