Charged "SMB Hardware Purchase"

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I've been charged this "SMB Hardware Purchase" for the last 3 months. It was never part of my original invoice or anything, I've been on hold for the last 2 hours and trying to get someone to chat with. I need these charges reversed.

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I'd suggest waiting until later in the week, as they are currently overwhelmed with the calls about the 10GB for $60 offer.


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Hi there, 


I was just charged the same thing. Did you ever find out what it was for?


Thank you! 

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

SMB stands for “Small Business”, basically.

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I just went through this myself as I was thrown off when this showed on my first bill


This charge is a one time charge that is the total taxes on the Easy Payment balance for your device purchase. Telus charges you the total taxes up front on your first bill


For example if you’re in Ontario:


Let’s say you have an Easy Payment balance of $200 on your device on a 2 year plan


Your monthly Easy Payment would be $8.33/mth for 24mths


Total taxes (13% in this scenario) on the $200 device balance would be $26 


$26 would show up as SMB Hardware Purchase on your first Bill


Thanks for posting an explanation so that everyone knows. I'm sure the original poster found this out eventually from TELUS but didn't bother replying to the thread to help others with the same question.