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My husband has to change his old flip phone to my iPhone 4 by the end of the month because of network changes.  He does not want to go into a store and we are wondering if this can be done over the phone or on line? And because I'm an authorized user on his account can I do it for him?

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Best off calling Telus and asking for fastest answers. That includes whether or not the old plan will work with a new phone if he has a CDMA flip phone currently. CDMA is the network that is being shut down because it's very old and slow.


My $0.02: He'll need a new SIM card for it most likely unless his flip phone has a SIM card that's the same size the iPhone uses. If it is an old CDMA flip phone then it likely won't have one and a new card will need to be purchased. If the iPhone is already being used on the Telus network (or if it's unlocked), once the new SIM card is installed all you should have to do is either go onto his mobility account on the Telus website, change devices and input the new SIM card # there, or call Mobility. As for authorized user, I'm not sure. 

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TELUS Employee

As long as it's an unlocked phone or a Telus phone. The sim card will have to be a new sim card. Your old sim card will not work. Sim cards are only good for one phone number. You can purchase one at any Telus store, best buy, walmart. It's a good idea to bring the device with you to make sure the sim card fits. They're about $15 + tax depending on the store. As long as you're an authorized user or know the security pin you can do it for him. It's best if you can call from a device other than his old phone because that will be disconnected during the call. You will need to know the sim card number which will be a big long number starting with 891 when you call in 🙂 Unfortunately you can not do this online right now. It has been temporarily de-activated while Telus beefs up security for sim card changes. Only brand new activations can be completed online but, not sim card swaps. You may be able to do this over chatting online with a representative. 

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