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Saaayy whaaaa? 😉 Robot LOL


Good morning: Dear members, MODs-ADMINs-just logged In & read this [OUTDATED-Post-from [08.28.2014 08:27 PM] "How does it happen" The other time occurred to the infamous <v9> with a post but the (Date & time-were correct) in my case the top-Author Nighthawk, came up with a logic explanation that accidentally I "Edited" the post but, I didn't do so.


Anybody outhere got an idea (How did it happens) it's a software bug or what?. Here's something for the LITHIUM-Gurus to search & fix it. Is well known the (Date+time is added by the system) Finally although there isn't enough details to answer, but following the logic of the question.


Re: Cellphone register. I'd suggest @Kristinstyles. to register His/Her "Cellular phone" to the (Canadian-DNCL) to avoid annoying calls, from telemarketers mostly..just type Canadian DNCL in Google search+hit enter. If the advise isn't useful.PS write a new post, with more details to assist you better. Stay Tuned! @v9

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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