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Cellphone Reception

Just Moved In

I have recently switched from Telus to Rogers (after being with Telus for approximately 7 years) due to poor cellphone reception. I was tired of not having cellphone service at my parents house which I frequently visit and work. Since switching to Rogers, I now have tons of cellphone reception, however the customer service is poor. I miss Telus's customer service. They always treated me like a human being and I regret switching to Roger due to this. The phone I purchased from Rogers is defective and it has been a huge hassle to exchange it for a working one. Rogers has provided me with inconsistent information everytime I try to deal with them and I have only been with them for a week! Rogers also informs me that because I had placed more than 30 minutes of talk time on my phone (ps the mic does not work on my phone) that I am unable to get out of my contract. Not impressed at all. I will be driving 1.5 hours to the store where purchased my phone as they are the only ones who are able to exchange my phone even though there is a Rogers dealer 15 minutes from my house. Not happy at all.

I returned a phone once through Telus because I did not like the phone and there was nothing wrong with the telephone and they were wonderful about it. So the point of my message is I miss Telus's customer service a lot.