Cancellation process (Finished contract)


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I have finished my contract and I want to switch to another company while retaining my current mobile number.


Is there any cancellation fee?


Do I have to pay a fee to port my number from Telus to the new company?


Do I need to give a 30 day notice?


An explanation of the process is appreciated.

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No cancellation fee. Even before your 2 year anniversary, you only cost was the buy out of the phone, if you had a subsidized phone.


No fee to port. Set up an account with your new provider; port your number as part of that process, and they will close your current account with Telus.


I suggest you port out near the end of your billing period if on a plan without unlimited minutes, so you don't have a situation of over consumption of your minutes as pro-rated. Else you should be able to switch carriers and pay a pro-rated portion of your monthly fee.


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