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Cancellation Fee and Waiting Period

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So last month, a couple days before my billing date, I dropped and broke my Nexus. After looking at my options I decided to cut my losses and cancel the phone. Now today, a couple days after my billing period, I go into a Telus "store" and try to cancel the phone at which point the person behind the desk informs me he can't help me and that I would have to phone the call center. Seeing as how the reason I was cancelling my account was due to my lack of a phone, the employee called telus on the landline at which point we were put on hold. Then after 5 minutes of being on hold, the call center employee tells me that I have to wait until my next bill to pay off the phone. So I have to pay for an extra month of service I can't possibly use without buying another phone from these crooks plus the $374 "cancellation fee" when I'm willing and able to pay the fee now? For some reason, you have the audacity to send me an email saying "Sorry I'm leaving" but you don''t have the integrity to cancel my account without leeching another 100 bucks out of me. Like honestly, if I was going in to buy another phone and switch the account over, it'd be up and running in seconds. Where is that kind of response time when it comes to cancelling your account?



I bet the call center employee was thinking of Internet or TV contracts.  They have a 30 day notification by the customer of cancellation.  I don't see a 30 day cancel notice listed on mobility.


Call back and try again. Cancellations are only accepted by phone.  Days of month used should be pro-rated .

Can I cancel my service at any time?

Yes. To cancel your service, contact TELUS with the date you want the cancellation to be effective. Cancellation fees may apply.

Cancelling your service term

If you cancel your service term, you will be subject to a service term termination fee. The fee is your remaining device balance plus a $50 early cancellation fee.


The $50 cancellation fee went away with the introduction of the Wireless Code of Conduct in December 2013.


The cost for you to cancel is simply your remaining device balance which you can check online in your  account. As many others have said, you must give 30 days notice (fairly standard in this industry).


We actually require 30 days notice for mobility accounts too. We will cancel the account at the end of your current bill period instead though.

So I have about 16 months left of my contract and I would like to cancel my contract with telus, how much would the cancelation fee cost?

For cancellation I agree with nasty it take effect in 30days, but if the bill it's processed already, can't stop the charge I guess. Contact, < more info>,..@m-7: If the rule is $50.- don't think matter the contract time-16-24 months


I don't get it when, you said my Acct was cancelled for lack of phone. Well. how did you signed up without phone? PS add more info. Thks "v9"

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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@rm-7 wrote:
So I have about 16 months left of my contract and I would like to cancel my contract with telus, how much would the cancelation fee cost?

@rm-7 To my recollection, the only fees you have to pay to cancel is the remaining subsidy you may have on your phone. Depending on your contract, you will have 16/24ths of that subsidy to pay, or 16/36ths of the subsidy. You would need to contact Telus directly to learn the exact amount.


I recall others indicating Telus requires 30 days notice.


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