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Can't login to my mobile account online

Just Moved In

Hi there. For whatever reason I seem to be having an issue online in logging into my pay as you go account here in Saskatchewan. I ended up trying to link my old pay as you go account that I havent used in a long time and now it shows up on an old number im no longer using as it was used for my girlfriend at the time and now i'm under a new pay as you go number and I can't get it to be linked up for whatever reason without this message showing up.


As an account member, your online access is pending approval from the account owner. The owner decides who has access to the account. Contact the owner to have your access granted. In the meantime, you can still manage your profile.




You will have to reach Telus at *611, 1-866-558-2273 or on Twitter @TELUSsupport and have them delete your profile so you can create a new one as account owner