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I tried making an account and didn't have my account number so a few days later after figuring out my account number I tried making a new account again but it said my email was already registered. So I tried logging in using my email and password I had tried the first time and it brings me into my account, says "welcome back [name]" and says I'm on step 2 of my registration. But then it just keeps trying to load that page and I can't do anything in my account. I've tried refreshing the page and leaving it open for a couple hours but the page never loads. I tried making a new account but since I already used this email I can't use it again to make a new account and don't want to have to use a different email. Can someone please help me out? Thanks!
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Contact Telus. They should be able to either delete the partial,account so you can start again, or finalize the account information on your behalf.


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