Can't Link New Account - waiting for owner approval


Hey guys. New to Telus. Trying to set up my account. I'm seeing an error that my account number is linked to another account and that a request for access has been sent to the owner of the account. Any help? I've already ensured that I'm using the correct email address. I've used the "forgot my email" with both my mobile number and account number and both confirm my email.


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Community Power User
Sounds like two accounts have been created, possibly one by you, and one by Telus, so they clash. You’ll need to connect with a Telus CSR to get one deleted, and access to the other.
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samething is happened to me. So I am trying to contact with them.....but they never answer on phone and live chat.....

I've got respond by email but that answer was contact with CLIETN CARE TEAM.....


just looping with no answer....