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Can not link login to my account to see usage etc

Just Moved In

So it started with forgetting my password on the mobility app when it updated. SO I reset it and logged in to my account and linked mobility service and it keeps saying waiting for approval.....everytime I login in and then put my mobility account number in.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you created a Home Services account in error? You should not have to link an existing mobility account again just because you updated a forgotten password.


If yo have crested two accounts, you would have to approve the link from one to the other from within each account to my knowledge.


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I just checked and yes I had an old home services account, I checked the email address associated with that account and it had confirmation emails etc from me trying all sorts of emails and ways to make the mobility login work...thankyou I will keep trying things to see if I can make it work now!