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There are a variety of apps in the App Store or google play store that can record phone calls. You can always use your speaker phone and voice recording app for free.

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A listing of all your calls in included on your monthly bill, and is accessible through 'My Account' at the top of the page. 


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I believe you mean how can you get a record of your calls? It will not be listed on printed invoices that are mailed to you. You can login to the desktop version and get them there. You can go back 18 months and find them. Here are the instructions once you are logged in to view them:


Once logged in:

On the left hand side there should be a black column. Click on Billing > For the current bill in the top right hand side click on Download bill (PDF) > For all the past invoices click on Bill History and Settings > Past Bills > Now Just choose any selections of the ones you want. 


Anything past 18 months you would need to contact Telus to get them mailed to you. It's $3 per invoice. You can chat in or call in to request these. Here's the chat link for you:

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