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Beware: Data topup doesn't help once you are charged for overage


Here's something to be aware of when using cellular data and going over your usage:


I was recently travelling in-province when I received a notification that I was at 90% data usage. The following day I received another notification that I was at 100% data usage. Then later that same day I receive a third notification to inform me that I had been charged $30 for my overages.


The next day, once I got home, I logged into my account and added a 1G top-up for $22. Then the day after that, my billing period ended and my bill was generated. They not only charged me the original $30 but the glad charged me the $22 for the top-up without actually applying it.


When I called I was told that was "just the way it is". I responded by telling the agent that I had been with Bell for more than 10 years and was always able to add a top-op to avoid overage charges after the fact, just as long as it was before the end of current billing period. So after a brief "let me put you on hold to see if there's something I can do" followed by a "this time, I'll credit you the $30", as if it was some huge favour I should be thankful for.


NEVER trust Telus to bill you properly, especially if you are on a pre-authorized payment plan. They will rob you blind if you aren't careful.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I've always thought of is as the same as being over-parked. Once you get the ticket, putting more coins in the meter doesn't rescind the ticket.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I had the same issue on one of my travels in Europe and I do understand why my bill came the way it did.

It sounds like Bell offers this service as a courtesy to its customers, which is a good thing if you can get it. But I like the parking example, kinda clarifies why what TELUS did makes sense. Another way you can think about it, buying insurance after the house gets flooded is not going to pay your restoration bill. 

Having said that, I would suggest you put this as a request to TELUS for product improvement. With more and more AI in our lives, the overage fee should really be just that, not a way to punish loyal customers.