I've been on BYOD 40 for 3 years and suddenly I'm not. When I look at my new bill this month it's now BYOD 50 and $10 more. I've had it with Telus and their tricks. Constantly having to monitor my bills for accuracy. I'm about to pull my account and switch to another provider!!!!
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There is no certainty that your mobility bill will not increase at certain intervals. Each of the carriers has clauses in their Terms and Conditions allowing cost increases with 30 days notice. Notice is as simple as placing a statement on your monthly bill that there will be an increase next month. As a consumer, it is your choice to purchase the products which best meet your needs. 

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee
Hi! What is that extra $10 more, on your bill?

If it’s there, it’s shown why.