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August 1st changes to prepaid phones

Just Moved In

I purchased a $100 prepaid card for my mobile phone that is to expire in April 2014. I currently pay

Local airtime rate:$0.30
Long distance rate:$0.40


Come August 1st, I was told that I would have to pay $0.50 per minute AND that my prepaid card MIGHT not be valid until April 2014.  I would have to go on a 30 day plan.  I was welcome to call back on August 1st to see if anything has changed and if Telus was going to honor what I had prepaid for.  Otherwise, sorry about your luck.


This made me very angry since we have 4 different phones and they are all pay as you go and one I just bought and started for my dd 2 months ago!  Now, they make this change and don't tell us they are going to make this change when we bought it.  WHAT?!?!?!?


Could someone please tell me that dear Robert that I spoke too, doesn't know what he is talking about.  Are my prepaid minutes going to expire before April 2014 AND why doesn't Telus have to keep their end of the deal and keep my minutes at $0.30/minute





Clearly Robert has no idea what he is talking about. Your $100 top-up will last a year from the day you topped it up. If Telus ever changes the $100 top-up card to have a lower expiry date, yours won't be effected.  But the rate change for airtime will still effect you. 


I agree with Ahmad. If  your balance expiry is April 2014 that wont change. If you have a 30day rate plan or add-on such as a text messaging feature or a TELUS Recommended rate plan the local per minute rate is going from $0.20/min to $0.15/min.