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After my device balance is paid for, Do I qualify for the 10% discount of "bring your own device".


After my contract is complete and I have paid off my device balance. If I choose to continue to use my old phone, would I qualify for the 10% "bring your own device" discount?


Helpful Neighbour

You might actually save more by qualifying for a renewal on your phone and being eligible for the rich promotional plans given to renewing or new customers.


Sorry you don't. It's only for customers that activate by bringing their own device. 

If $15 of my monthly $55 payment goes toward paying off the hardware subsidy, simple math dictates the cost of the service Telus provides me (voice, data and SMS) is therefore $40.  Does my service get better after I pay off my device, warranting the continued $55 per month?  Is is just a reward for being a loyal customer for the last 3 years?


I'm getting close to the end of my contract, and assumed that since I would no longer be paying off the "loan" (subsidy) portion on my monthly bill, that there would be some sort of discount for owning the device outright.  I'm surprised to know that isn't the case.  What then is my incentive for staying with Telus?  

In the long run Telus still wants to make money
so there not just going to give everybody a discount for being a loyal customer.
Especially when they have 7.7 million customers. 
Its Just like a meme I see around.
internet meme.
If telus doesnt make profit they cant expand faster.
Besides if you really want a good deal after finishing you contract call Loyalty. If your a good customer and want something they
are the people to talk to.