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I am having a problem adding my Telus Mobility account to my list of Vendors that I pay online through my bank.   To set up my account to send payment, I need to provide an 8-digit account number. The problem is that my account number is only 7 numbers.  I'm assuming that I will need to add a '0' or a '1' in front or behind the account number, just can't find any information about it anywhere.  Thanks for any replies,  I've never used these forums so if anyone answering this doesn't mind could you please send me an email in response to this question instead of just posting here, I'm not sure if I would get notified if anyone replies.  
Thank you!


My 3 consumer accounts are all 8 digits. I believe business accounts have 9 or 10 digits.


If you've double, triple, and quadruple checked your account number and you only have 7 digits, you might want to get hold of Telus.

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My home account is 9 digits, so it seems to have varied with time or location.  I have heard of Alberta Treasury Branch (ATB) customers having this issue. A call to Telus will generate an account number compliant with ATB branch software. 


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