Account suspended just after 2 days of use


I woke up this morning without any service only to have it up and running 3 hours later after restarting my phone. At the end of my workday, i noticed again it's out of service. Now I find this odd so I get on the chat with Telus to see whats going on and I'm told my account is suspended without any reason given. This now happens to me at the most inconvenient time when I need the service most! I'm shocked, to say the least. 

Now I'm told I need 2 pieces of ID to get this issue resolved yet I now find out my photo ID needs to be updated and that it will take weeks before I can get a new card issued. That's weeks without service on brand new phone and plan that I'm paying for because of some Telus issue on their side. 


If anyone can please help me by providing me the email required to get in touch with customer service on how to unlock my account I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.


There's a "contact us" section at the bottom of this page, but if possible, you should visit a Telus store for more personal attention in light of the fact you can't seem to prove your identity. 


Was your photo ID expired when you signed for your new service? That may be why it's suspended. SI numbers and birth certificates never expire, but most provincial photo ID can't be used for anything official one year from the expiration date.

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You will need to send current photo ID, such as Driver’s License, Provincial ID, or passport, plus one other such as SIN or Credit Card. Usually once you are asked this information, there is only the path they have described to reach the end point. 

If you absolutely must have a phone in the interim, I suggest looking at a prepaid option.

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