Access texts/calls/vm on computer


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So my phone took a trip to deadsville and its gonna be at least 9 months before the birth of my new babyphone. I can't cancel my service without paying a ridiculous fee. So basically I'm paying you for absolutely nothing. You love it. I do not. Let's compromise. I have access to the Internet and would love to be able to log into my account to check and reply to my messages. I feel so out of touch and am paying alot for it. Everyone else is doing it so why don't we?! See: RogersOneNumber


You signed a financing agreement with Telus and you broke/lost the phone during the contract term and they're still making you pay for the services you agreed to? Sounds like a standard contract to me. The 'fee' you mentioned is the repayment of the device subsidy, if you pay this off you can cancel your service or scale down your monthly bill. 


Have you looked into other options for cheaper phones? e.g. buying a prepaid phone (<$100), certified pre-owned (slightly more expensive, $300-450 but basically new) or buying from a friend?


Telus don't have anything like this just yet but are likely working on it.