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611 automatically hangs up on me!! Where is customer service??? Someone call me ASAP please

Just Moved In

Just Moved In
I can’t even get that far. I just get call failed. And I’ve been waiting all day for live chat online. Have been disconnected from massive line twice. Not impressed!


i had the same problem today when trying it out. When i call the normal phone number (the 1-866 one) all i get is that the number is no longer in service. I mean, how on earth are we supposed to talk to someone about our problems when their own numbers don't work?!

Community Power User
Community Power User

All the carriers networks seem to be overwhelmed due to the current 10GB for $60 BYOD offer. You can try to connect with the Telus folks through their Twitter or Facebook presence, so at least you need not hang on the phone waiting.


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Please hold while we connect you to a Mobility Service Agent for Billing or customer service.

All of our agents are currently serving other customers. There are 1012 people ahead of you in the queue.


Tried toll free # as well doesn't even ring just dead air.