$30 in sms charges for sending texts to US


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 I made this post because I thought they charged me for data overages when I didn't go over, but on further investigation, I just found the pdf.. the charges aren't for data, the charges are for sending text messages to the US.. I didn't know they charged for it... I thought it was just free north american texting everywhere now (as long as you're not roaming..)


Will they forgive this if I contact telus maybe? All my plan says is


SMS Unlimited

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Many plans out there will include unlimited SMS messaging but that is usually limited to Canada specifically. If you want international texting, there are two plan add-ons Telus offers. One for $5 (100 messages) and $10 (unlimited).


You can try calling Telus to see if they'll be willing to do anything.

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The Plans page indicates unlimited nationwide for texts.  If you will be routinely texting the US or other international destinations, you can add an appropriate add-on found on this page.


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Years ago, they did include texting to the US (but not the rest of North America).  However, this changed long ago.