When can we order the 2017 Calendar ??


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You guys suck!!!  there are lots of people that use paper calendars and all you are doing is downloading the cost to the customers by making them print it out.  you should be ashamed of yourself for such a stupid answer!!


Very disappointed in TELUS. Looked forward to the calendar every year and this so called digital calendar they are replacing it with, no one cares about it! I personally will not use this digital calendar and think this is TELUS way of cheaping out the customer. I hope you guys are happy with yourself and this silly idea! You have lost a lot of respect over this and honestly hope this bites you in the butt.


Costs keep going up & Telus keeps giving us less. Way to make your shareholders happy Telus!


As a long time customer I do not believe that there is a decline in demand for the calendars.

I always thought of the calendar as a customer appreciation token. Obviously Telus does not care much for their customers.

I'm sure they make a heck of a lot of money from their customers to be able to afford to print calendars.

Maybe they should take orders from their customers and only print calendars for those requesting one. Then they can see how much of a decline in demand there is. Not!

You can add me to the list of people who are disappointed by this news of you going digital with the calendar. I don't even use the calendar on my smartphone, so i doubt I would use yours.


How disappointing is this?!  It seems the "perks" of being long-time Telus customer have all dwindled.  


I have no interested in an electronic version of the calendar.  




Telus has forgotten that there is a large segment of the population who do not use digital calendars - seniors.  The cause of a decline of demand, if true, may be because some seniors do not have access to or do not use computers and hence do no know to order the calendars online. It is bad enough we have to print our own bills, now we can't even get a nice calendar for being loyal customers. I have 3 accounts (I pay for my parents) for phone, TV, internet. You have either forgotten us or decided we are not important to you because we tend not to want to move around to other suppliers. You could have asked us months ago and then print only the number requested. Shame.


I agree.  Everyone already has a digital calendar of some sort.  The pleasure of the Telus calendar was hanging them up and looking at the beautiful animal pictures.  Also loved the stickers.  They were fun placing on cards for my nieces.  This takes a lot of fun out the new year.  I might as well switch to a lower cost provider.


If there was so little demand, why was it so hard to a calendar in previous years?  If Telus wants to cheap out on customer service, at least be honest and tell us that you are trying to save money, not that there is not enough of a demand.  I would have a hard time trying to pin my cellphone to my wall, to use a digital calendar.  Eric1950

This is disappointing and very Scrooge like Telus. I've been enjoying the free calendar for years and it's been a small perk after all the years of using your service. Perhaps next year you should reconsider. Very lame.

I am also disappointed! The Telus Calendar is a favorite in our house, my 2 year old son loves seeing the new animals each month (and counting them!). For a while it was even his favourite "book". When we rejoined Telus 3 years ago I told my husband "Yay! Now we get the calendar again!"  I hope Telus sees the error in this decision and  brings it back next year. And sorry, but being able to print out the digital one doesn't cut it.


I am very disappointed Telus has discontinued the traditional wall calendar. I look forward to this calendar every year! I like the cute animals pictured on every turn of the page. I am a senior and being from "the old school" appreciate a wall calendar to write appointments, reminders, etc. on. Please give us back the traditional wall calendar.

Oh c'mon! Just say that the cost isn't something Telus is willing to continue with. Even if the demand is down, which I don't believe, the calendars always run out so this makes no sense at all. I'm sure many, including myself, would've been willing to pay for or make a donation for a calendar.

Making your customers feel that Telus thinks we're stupid is insulting.
Switch because of a calendar lmao?

Like seriously, what's wrong with you people. Buy one at the store like regular people. A freebie is a freebie. You don't join a company because of something you can either get at the dollar store or at your nearest Chinese restaurant.
A calendar gives you a magic connection?

Part of the reason I wanted the calendar is because it was paper format.  i can make my own digital calendar with images.


I also am very disappointed. I tried to get a second 2015 calendar and was told only 1 per household.


It was your cost not public demand.


No Telus perks at all anymore.


Digital calendar with printability is plain stupid.


I pay $73.45 per month, electronic paperless e-bill, no cost to you.  I guess when my contract ends so will my Telus account.


I want a paper printed 2017 Calendar, and I want them to continue. Always something to look forward to. May seem silly to you, but world is depressing at times, and we are in -30's with wind chill- and looking at your calendar daily lightens the day.


Don't need digital or special cards or stickers, just the darn calendar.


We have earned it!


Thank you.  


Please keep me as a great customer, I ask you.


I have a hard time believing the demand for the calendar was declining.  In years gone by I had ordered one for each of my 3 cell phone accounts, and 1 for my home phone. Then I would order one on behalf of my senior parents' home phone account and also my mother-in-law's home phone account, as they had no access to the internet to do so, but were entitled to have one.  So, that's 6 in total right there.


I agree with a lot of the posted comments...it is either a cost-cutting measure for Telus, or they just want to get out of the calendar business.  

So much for rewarding loyal customers (who pay a pretty penny for their services) with a small "perk" to say "thank-you" for their business! 



Unbelievable!  Totally not the Telus I have loved for the last many years.

I will be moving my business to another carrier over this.  Very disappointing.



Telus was always known as a "customer friendly" organization. The Telus Calendar war a brilliant idea to bond with customers.

But it seems that in today's TECH World the need for constant change trumps everything. Even great marketing ideas must go.

The "customer" really does not count anymore! We must change everything for the sake of change!

What a pity. CharlesP

So...when can we see/print it? I'm already running into February appointments/bookings, with no calendar Smiley Sad