When can we order the 2017 Calendar ??


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I am very disappointed in Telus not producing the hard copy of the 2017 Calendar!!! I do NOT want to have to open my computer just to see it! I love the pictures and display it in the wall in my KITCHEN not a desktop! I am so disappointed that I am considering moving to Shaw. So sad.


Too bad to hear about no printed calendars. But my daughter and I are putting together our own for 2017 using Telus's pictures from last year and a calendar template we found online! It's been a fun craft, putting in family birthdays and such. 


Here's the template we're using if anyone else is interested: https://templates.office.com/en-us/12-Month-Calendar-TM10000102




Congrats on you making lemonade out of lemons.  Unfortunately my 92 year old mother does not do crafts, does not have a computer, has trouble seeing and really loved those old calendars.  Even my grandkids are too old to be interested in making up PC calendar pages to staple together and I am certainly not interested.  There is no lack of other options out there for cute calendars.


Was just on Chat.  Same story about not enough demand.  Odd that my son and a couple of friends couldn't get one last year just days after I ordered mine.  Even sent them the link I used but it was shut down.  Many of my family outside Telus service were jealous of the cute calendar I had every year. 

I don't want a digital calendar.  I prefer to look at the hard copy above my lab bench each day, not turn on my computer.  Brings a smile even on stressful days.  Don't own a printer either and even if I did couldn't find ledger size glossy paper that would print on a consumer printer.  Have been with Telus since they were AGT and with mobility since 1996.  The last few years have seen a steady decline in customer service for a company that boasts keeping it in the community.

I would have been willing to pay for a calendar even though it was free advertising for you.   Profits could have gone to WWF or the SPCA but no.  Telus shows it's true self to their new and longtime customers.  Bottom line is all that is important not the customers that make that bottom line for you.


It's time to switch to another service provider.

I've been with TELUS since 2002 (14 yrs), and this is the worst news I received from them. There's no way that there's a "decline in demand" when it comes to these calendars. Everyone loves them and I use them every year at the office. It's not the same when you ask us to pull a cheap move like that (i.e. Print it yourself...we wanna save $). We don't live in a third world country so please get your....act....together and start making your customers happy again.

What I don't understand is  it too expensive for Telus  printing the  Calendars ? 

Or  if it's true there is a low demand, why they can't print them just for long time customers?!

Doesn't make any sense and BTW Telus publicity is all about the critters, it's a brilliant idea

why to abandon it? And it's a way to keep your customers too

Digital is not the answer!


...and I don't think the question has been solved from our point of view! Smiley Sad


What??? I need my Telus calendar????? Not very happy!


that sucks that there will be no 2017 paper calendar and that's all there is too it.  come on telus print us one, there is always a demand for it


I am very disappointed by this turn of events. Getting the calendar every year is a tradtion, like many others at this holiday time. Even if we are able to print out the calendar at some point, the quality will be greatly diminished. Please reconsider for 2018!


I don't think it is correct to list this topic as solved.  It is naïve to believe that a digital calendar in any way replaces a wall calendar. 


Based on the replies to this post (139 and counting), I would say that the majority of customers are not interested in a digital version of the Telus calendar. 


Is there anyone in the organization actually listening to us or is this just another example corporate decision making regardless of customer complaints.


You forget that many users have posted more than once in this discussion. There's also millions of customers so even if 139 unique individuals commented, that's still by far nowhere near a majority.


Telus hasn't had a new critter commercial out in quite some time now. Most of the ones I've seen this past year show their employees more than any animals. The last critter they had out was the snow leopard and that campaign is a year old at least according to Telus' YouTube channel. It looks like Telus has shifted their advertising focus away from the animals and more on what is being offered instead. The one other thing to look at is from a marketing perspective, the cute animals that everyone likes so much were an advertising campaign from Clearnet, which Telus bought with way back in 2000. Telus kept that same campaign going for another 16 years. Extremely few marketing campaigns run even half that long. My guess is that people saw the cute critters but didn't see the products or services being offered. Judging by many of the comments in this discussion, that seems to be exactly what was happening with the calendars also.


The big question will be as late in the year as it is now, what do you realistically expect Telus to do? There wouldn't be time to even create, print, or distribute the calendars and that's assuming that the demand for them is sufficient enough for them to consider it. If enough people (read: a LOT) got together and say had a petition for Telus to bring back the calendar, there could be a chance they'd bring it back next year. 


Telus, people are disappointed with your decision. I understand that corporations are trying to cut costs in different areas in order to keep jobs. Telus decided to remove a item that people enjoyed and looked forward to every year which resulted to disappointment. If Telus is so concerned with the environment, then stop sending flyers and stop creating advertisements. Telus could have charged for the calendar rather than remove it entirely. Telus should have better decision makers in the company and based on this decision, it shows how disconnected Telus is from their customers. 


Like many others , we are extremely disappointed in your decision to discontinue the annual Telus calendar issue. We have been loyal, and I do mean loyal, Telus customers for  many years now, paying what is to us, a significant dollar amount for Telus phone, Internet and Mobility services on a monthly/yearly basis, and we view this decision as a stupid penny-pinching way to remove the one "freebie" which was available as a reward for our loyalty. Shame on you and your bean-counters. Man Mad




@Irishgranny wrote:

Did I miss the deadline for the 2017 calendar ??  Have had one every year..love the animals.

We are extremely disappointed in the decision to cancel the annual printed Telus calendar, having been loyal, and I do mean loyal, having spent considerable dollars on a monthly/annual basis for Telus phone, internet and mobility services customers for MANY years. There goes the one "freebie" that Telus provided to their customers. Shame on you for knuckling under to the bean-counters and ignoring your long-time support base. Smiley Mad




I too am extremely disappointed that Telus is not issuing a hard copy Calendar this year.  This has been an annual Christmas gift to my granddaughter who loves the animal pictures and stickers.  She made me feel very special whenever she received the calendar as it was so unique and charming.  Some of her friends were a wee bit envious and wanted a calendar as well.

Friendly Neighbour

Telus can improve its customer service by deeply listening to and making their customers feel like number 1. Cancelling the 2017 wall calendar makes me feel unvalued and awful.


Telus The future is not friendly and thanks for breaking your magical connection.  

A calendar gives you a magic connection?

Very disappointed in TELUS. Looked forward to the calendar every year and this so called digital calendar they are replacing it with, no one cares about it! I personally will not use this digital calendar and think this is TELUS way of cheaping out the customer. I hope you guys are happy with yourself and this silly idea! You have lost a lot of respect over this and honestly hope this bites you in the butt.