When can we order the 2017 Calendar ??


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So...when can we see/print it? I'm already running into February appointments/bookings, with no calendar Smiley Sad

Hugely disappointed !!!!  This was our favorite calendar and looked forward to it every year.  Not convinced of the reasoning, and a digital calendar is of no use to me whatever!!  Will not be downloading it to print my own on 20lb paper, and expensive ink.  I feel the my monthly Telus billing should at least score me a calendar once a year!  You certainly dropped the ball this time Telus Smiley Sad


Very disappointing. 

I think you really mean that Telus wants to keep the money that went into the calendars. Very poor customer service. And very disappointing. 

I don't need an on-line calendar - they come with my iphone, and ipad, and laptop!!!

Bad move on this one.

And, what about the bags. Are they still available, because they haven't been available for some time. That I can find.


What bags were you getting from Telus ?  Guess that was a perk I never received and I've been a Telus customer since before the turn of the Century !

Looks like they not only cancelled the paper calendar, but we still haven't received the digital replacement....such a disappointment this year.  Let's hope that the powers-that-be have heard all the complaints and rethink this cancellation for next year!


So disappointed there won't be a Calendar in 2017.  The Digital version is of no use to me as I'm not permitted to download it at work and I always take my Telus Calendar to work to use.  It always drew attention to passersby and I would always say "It's a TELUS calendar, isn't it great?". 


I too find it very difficult to believe that demand has declined as you always run out every year.  Telus is usually very good when it comes to customer service/consideration so the fact your calendar is no longer offered, surprises and disappoints me, a paying customer.


I am so disappointed with this decision. As a 20 year plus customer and a shareholder, I am surprised TELUS would do something so miserly at this this time of year, especially considering how many people are cutting the cord. I wish there was a way to get these messages to the CEO so they can clearly see, how this is making the bread and butter of the company upset and angry. Bad move TELUS, really bad.



@RhoLee...thank you for your answer; however, I find this EXTREMELY HARD to believe. In all years past you had to order the calendar as soon as possible otherwise, you couldn't get one because they were 'sold out'. Up until the year before last (so for 2015), you could order a calendar for each phone number you had under Telus....HOWEVER, beginning last year, you could only order 1 SINGLE calendar for each account....so, for the first time ever, even though we have 4 separate phone numbers/4 separate phones AND AN ATROCIOUS BILL....we could only get 1 single calendar...and the reason for that change last year was....DRUM ROLL PLEASE....BECAUSE OF HIGH DEMAND!


So, you are saying demand dropped even before TELUS allowed a year to go by with the change above because now, all of a sudden there was such LOW demand???? Please, do not insult our intelligence...


Please, explain. Low demand is an excuse...and an outright lie. i was flabbergasted last year when I could only order a single calendar and was told that it was because there was such a high demand...and now your are trying to fool us with saying production is no longer occurring because of low demand?


I work from home on my computer every day all day...and I ALWAYS have a calendar next to me, to make notes on, and mark up all I want...Young kids might not use calendars, but their parent's who pay for their bills sure do!


What it comes down to is cost, and even though customer costs are going up...you don't want to continue to offer perks for people to stay with your company...including this calendar. YOU want US to cover the cost of printing...that is the bottom line. Please, do not try to use an excuse of 'low demand' for an item that CONTINUOUSLY sold out and that YOU changed the rules on 1 year ago because there was such a high demand...unless you weren't with TELUS last year and knew that??? I know I was...I've been with TELUS for over 20 years...but...


Now thinking about looking into when our Telus Contract is up...that Calendar was one reason I never wanted to leave Telus...but alas...it's gone. Sad thing is, no matter what the reason...I was either lied to by a TELUS employee last year...or this year...Nice!



I find it very hard to believe they declined in popularity, telus has gone cheap, so ticked off a digital desktop calendar does nothing for me, so thanks for nothing!!!!!!!! Always looked forward to these Calendars it was like a Christmas Present from Telus to say thanks for being a loyal customer, to bad telus couldn't be loyal to there customers!!!!!! Merry Christmas


Boo!  Smiley Sad  Very disappointed as I still like to have a physical calendar.  


"the demand for our calendars has significantly declined"


So, is that why the 2016 calendar ran out so fast? I ordered mine the first or second day they were available and got one, but when my mother-in-law tried a few days later she couldn't put in an order because they were all gone and the page was shut down (I'd sent her a link). I'd have preferred a more honest or just plausible reason today for cancelling this program: "sustainability" is understandable, "cost-prohibitive" though less appealing would also have worked, or even just a blunt statement like "we don't want to give away calendars anymore”, but don’t tell me the demand declined when it was actually the availability. A smarter idea would have been to take photos from past calendars (hello cost savings) then taken orders from clients willing to pay for a calendar, print up the exact number needed, and ship them out in December with all proceeds going to say WWF to pick a charity at random. Your cost are covered, the people who really want a calendar get one, and a charity gets a potentially sizeable donation. Instead, you look bad, we feel bad, and some charity is missing out.


Feel free to steal that idea for 2018.


Yeah I don't buy that the demand was down when they would go like hotcakes. 


I honestly can't believe that demand for the calendars has declined as it has always been a problem trying to get one in time. We rejoined Telus from a different provider and the selling point was that we would start receiving the calendars again. Digital calendars don't cut it; the paper quality isn't the same. I have kept every Telus calendar from the first year they came out. I am HUGELY disappointed with this version. Hopefully, it can be reversed and still have one available for 2017. I am all for reprinting past photos, just don't stop printing the calendars!


The news that it will be a digital only calendar is very disappointing.


The physical calendar has been a perk (remember when that used to be a Telus marketing thing!) for a number of years.


Please let Telus management know that this is very disappointing for Telus customers.  


This is something that my kids look forward to having each year.  


At the end of the day, I suspect that has nothing to do with being green, but rather saving money. 







I liked that it was bilingual, my sister teaches in a french immersion school and this calendar was awesome! 

I also had one on my wall, to put reminders on it. This is another typical move of Telus... who cares what the customer wants?  And all of our comments will go unnoticed....



And all of our comments will go unnoticed....


They sure will.I'm sure a memo has already gone out telling staff to avoid this topic. We should have known 3 weeks ago when we were told that'exciting' news was coming the following week,and then nothing happened. I got a 2017 calendar from the Alberta Milk Board and it will do just nicely. Its not on glossy paper but it only took 3 days from the time I ordered it to the time it arrived in my mailbox. For a company that advertises " We give where we live" it boggles the mind that they couldn't have come up with a better excuse. 


Looks like a lot of Telus customers are disappointed in the removal of the yearly calendar. Most people already have a digital calendar on their mobile devices so not interested in another download. Its the fact that is was a paper calendar, with stickers, that made it fun to use. Thumbs down


2017 Telus Calendar:  Very disappointed that the Telus calendars are going digital. We look forward to the glossy calendars every year with the cute characters; in the past, I have even bragged to some friends about your calendars.  On them, we record all our appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, etc... and enjoy seeing the Telus character of the month each day. I don't have access to the nice, glossy paper that your calendars come in, and printing them on copy paper, honestly just isn't the same if you know what I mean.  We pay to Telus over a thousand dollars a year for our telephone and Internet services (more than what I earn in two months), and I always thought of the calendars as a gesture of thanks for being valued, Telus customers. In the past, I was even willing to pay for the calendar, but they were always free and I appreciated that.  Anyway, thank you for all the Telus calendars we were blessed to receive in the past.  I hope that with more feedback from other valued Telus customers, you might reconsider for 2018.  I can hope!


Well here again we loss something great to technology. Do you really think that everyone want a digital calendar. NOT ME..I got my first Telus calendar from my husband who was a Telus manager..He passed away in a tragic accident in 2009..I made a point of getting a calendar every year since. It always makes me smile and think about my late husband. Now what do I hang on my wall..a freekin computer..Dumbest idea Telus has..Yup take away a good thing ..And Telus wonders why people switch to other providers..Might just be on my list of things to do..You take away the good things so why use Telus..HAPPY NEW YEAR...I will get a calendar from work..


Very disappointed that there will be no printed calendar....wish you would change this decision.


I called Telus Mobility today and they said they have changed the format of the calendar. They will be issuing a digital format soon, not a printed copy. Darn! Not happy about that!