When can we order the 2017 Calendar ??


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Costs keep going up & Telus keeps giving us less. Way to make your shareholders happy Telus!


Telus has forgotten that there is a large segment of the population who do not use digital calendars - seniors.  The cause of a decline of demand, if true, may be because some seniors do not have access to or do not use computers and hence do no know to order the calendars online. It is bad enough we have to print our own bills, now we can't even get a nice calendar for being loyal customers. I have 3 accounts (I pay for my parents) for phone, TV, internet. You have either forgotten us or decided we are not important to you because we tend not to want to move around to other suppliers. You could have asked us months ago and then print only the number requested. Shame.


I agree.  Everyone already has a digital calendar of some sort.  The pleasure of the Telus calendar was hanging them up and looking at the beautiful animal pictures.  Also loved the stickers.  They were fun placing on cards for my nieces.  This takes a lot of fun out the new year.  I might as well switch to a lower cost provider.

Switch because of a calendar lmao?

Like seriously, what's wrong with you people. Buy one at the store like regular people. A freebie is a freebie. You don't join a company because of something you can either get at the dollar store or at your nearest Chinese restaurant.

If there was so little demand, why was it so hard to a calendar in previous years?  If Telus wants to cheap out on customer service, at least be honest and tell us that you are trying to save money, not that there is not enough of a demand.  I would have a hard time trying to pin my cellphone to my wall, to use a digital calendar.  Eric1950

This is disappointing and very Scrooge like Telus. I've been enjoying the free calendar for years and it's been a small perk after all the years of using your service. Perhaps next year you should reconsider. Very lame.

I also am very disappointed. I tried to get a second 2015 calendar and was told only 1 per household.


It was your cost not public demand.


No Telus perks at all anymore.


Digital calendar with printability is plain stupid.


I pay $73.45 per month, electronic paperless e-bill, no cost to you.  I guess when my contract ends so will my Telus account.


I want a paper printed 2017 Calendar, and I want them to continue. Always something to look forward to. May seem silly to you, but world is depressing at times, and we are in -30's with wind chill- and looking at your calendar daily lightens the day.


Don't need digital or special cards or stickers, just the darn calendar.


We have earned it!


Thank you.  


Please keep me as a great customer, I ask you.


I have a hard time believing the demand for the calendar was declining.  In years gone by I had ordered one for each of my 3 cell phone accounts, and 1 for my home phone. Then I would order one on behalf of my senior parents' home phone account and also my mother-in-law's home phone account, as they had no access to the internet to do so, but were entitled to have one.  So, that's 6 in total right there.


I agree with a lot of the posted comments...it is either a cost-cutting measure for Telus, or they just want to get out of the calendar business.  

So much for rewarding loyal customers (who pay a pretty penny for their services) with a small "perk" to say "thank-you" for their business! 



Telus was always known as a "customer friendly" organization. The Telus Calendar war a brilliant idea to bond with customers.

But it seems that in today's TECH World the need for constant change trumps everything. Even great marketing ideas must go.

The "customer" really does not count anymore! We must change everything for the sake of change!

What a pity. CharlesP


I am so disappointed... I have been a loyal Telus customer since 2000 and have been receiving the calendars for as long as I can remember.  I really enjoyed these calendars as they had a crisp, clean look to them with ample space to write on specific dates.  The cute animals really made me smile too.


So disappointed!  Wrong decision!  I've always used one of your annual calendars and it's been a staple in our kitchen for many years.  You've disappointed many customers and only to save a few bucks - may not seem very important to you as a corporation but it was a sign of appreciation to your customers and a perceived value to our contracts.  Now need to search for a calendar in hopes that my kids won't notice the change in themes - looks like someone else gets my money this time :-(


Has anyone seen any further comments from Telus on their obviously unhappy customers?

I got the same message, and had the same problem with the link.

After trying to follow up on the message, I was told that there would be a new thread posted shortly


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Shame on Telus for cancelling their annual paper calendar! I DON'T WANT A DIGITAL CALENDAR! Please rethink your decision and show some customer appreciation for those of us who prefer the paper calendar. Hugely disappointed! Smiley Sad


What is so exciting about a digital calendar? I am a senior and have using  been using the Telus calendar since the first one went into print. I have used it to keep track of dates and appointments as a back up to my digital calendars on my Iphone and computer. Both  of which have failed at one time or another to accurately keep track of things. This is a huge disappointment and like others, I don't believe this is a matter of only going green.


i am able to get another printed calendar from one of my local neighbourhood food stores. How is it these smaller businesses can afford to give away calendars to customers but Telus can't? Telus is not hurting financially.


Well said.  I, too, have been able to get a couple of nice calendars from local businesses who are delighted to have the advertising.  I guess Telus is making so much profit, they don't need the marketing exposure any more.  But they did waste at least a small amount sending me a politically correct "Happy Holiday" e-card - oh yes and to solicit my using their site for sending e-cards of my own.  I guess they think that is more impressive marketing than the calendar.  PS Merry Christmas everyone.


Yes this is just about what I thought would happen, and it's really lame. I basically agree with every other person who is disappointed (and smells doubletalk) from the announcement. I worked in marketing for 16 years and calendars are not that much of a cost outlay for promotional items. Even my pharmacist gives them out for pity's sake, and he's a small businessman. I just don't like his and want my traditional Telus one. Soo disappointed but like I said before, I'm feeling it might be time to break off with Telus anyway seeing as how they also make me pay a fee for my actual montly BILL because they have some weird obsession with digital statements when I happen to need a hard copy for my records. So I get to pay for that now too. Nickel and diming me to death. My internet is slow as molasses and I pay way too much for it, same with the phone, I'm just not feeling that I am getting good service for a reasonable price. I didn't mind so much when they'd toss us a nice gesture like the calendar. Outsourcing tech support and customer service to these drone type people that read off a script and keep trying to upsell me stuff that has nothing to do with the reason I call in the first place, all of these things, I'm like, well I think I'm probably done here. I really was sticking around because of that calendar. No reason to now. Bye BCTel Smiley Sad I liked you a lot, before.


Guys lets switch to Bell, at least with them we know we're getting screwed over the second we sign the contract and they don't wait until the last minute like this... lol.
Seriously though, you can't make a physical calendar for the people who do want one? They're not that expensive to make, and the rates of the Smartphone plans continually rise. This is so cheap and disheartening.

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Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for our TELUS calendar. In alignment with our company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we made the decision to move to a digital version of our calendar for 2017. 


Update: Our digital calendar has launched!


If you’re more a digital calendar type-of-person we’ve got you covered. Change your desktop up every month with a new TELUS critter or nature background. It’s free and easy to download, just head on over to http://calendar.telus.com/.


Merci de nous avoir fait part de votre intérêt pour le calendrier TELUS. Conformément à notre engagement visant la protection de l’environnement, nous avons pris la décision d’offrir le calendrier 2017 en format numérique. 


Mise à jour: Notre calendrier numérique est en ligne!


Si vous préférez une version du calendrier numérique, nous avons ce qu’il vous faut. Changez l’arrière-plan de votre bureau tous les mois avec un nouveau fond d’écran d’animaux TELUS ou à thématique nature. Il est gratuit et facile à télécharger, il vous suffit de visiter http://calendar.telus.com/. 


@A_KronThank you for that response, and for this opportunity!