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When can we order the 2017 Calendar ??


Did I miss the deadline for the 2017 calendar ??  Have had one every the animals.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for our TELUS calendar. In alignment with our company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we made the decision to move to a digital version of our calendar for 2017. 


Update: Our digital calendar has launched!


If you’re more a digital calendar type-of-person we’ve got you covered. Change your desktop up every month with a new TELUS critter or nature background. It’s free and easy to download, just head on over to


Merci de nous avoir fait part de votre intérêt pour le calendrier TELUS. Conformément à notre engagement visant la protection de l’environnement, nous avons pris la décision d’offrir le calendrier 2017 en format numérique. 


Mise à jour: Notre calendrier numérique est en ligne!


Si vous préférez une version du calendrier numérique, nous avons ce qu’il vous faut. Changez l’arrière-plan de votre bureau tous les mois avec un nouveau fond d’écran d’animaux TELUS ou à thématique nature. Il est gratuit et facile à télécharger, il vous suffit de visiter 

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Discontinuation of the calendar is a huge disappointment, and a significant marketing mistake by Telus.

I am very disappointed! I loved that calendar and I look forward to getting one every year! I hope they get a lot of feedback from people that are going to miss it too and maybe bring it back for 2018! Now I will go out and find another calendar to put on my wall...

Sad...very sad.  I look forward to the real calendar every year.  My grandaughter and I put the stickers on.   I do not want a digital calendar. Please reconsider this decision,

You may be excited to share this but I, and apparently hoards others, are not excited to receive the news.  Your "justification" is horse pucky as the Colonel would say.  Telus used to at least make a pretence of caring about its customers for other than pockets to pick.  Between your behaviour with TV, internet and tel services, I would say that it is now very clear even to the blind that the emperor has no clothes.  Fortunately there are still other companies out there who provide free calendars and I will be looking fondly at their name for the next 12 months instead of yours.

I do not want a digital calendar. Why did you run out of calendars for 2015, 2016 if there was such a low demand, I do not believe a word of it. I will be considering Shaw as a provider since this is just the last disappointment from Telus. Too sad as I have been with Telus for a long time, I guess too long.

This is so disappointing, Telus. I have had a gorgeous Telus calendar on my wall, year after year, that I displayed WITH PRIDE. Always made me feel good about being a Telus customer.This was a reason why I have stayed committed to Telus. Reminded me every day of Telus superior creativity and customer appreciation. I do not want/will not use a digital calendar. 

That is terrible!  Although technology is becoming more prevalent in our society, there are still many people who appreciate having things at their fingertips...such as the wall calendars.  I use them for keeping track of birthdays and important appointments.  I looked forward to getting the Telus calendar each year becaue of the animals and also because the spaces were just right for making daily notes! 😞

Telus - please reconsider your decision. There seem to be a lot of people who really enjoyed your calendar. It was obviously a marketing success and having any kind of promotional material that people look at on a daily and appreciate seems like it would be a good use of advertising dollars. No one wants another cyber calendar - there's no replacement for a glossy calendar with stickers with great photos of real animals (please no photoshopped ones with faked facial expressions - yuck)
I'd be willing to pay a reasonable amount to offset production and shipping costs as long as the same format (with respect to size and layout) was maintained.

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I'll second that, TENGO.

Gee, TELUS you're doing a fantastic job of making your paying customers happy. NOT 

I agree that this is a mistake by Telus.  People would come into my office and look at the calendar and see the Telus name and iconic Telus animals.  A calendar on my phone or computer will not be visible to other people, so they are missing a great marketing opportunity. 

The animals (which hail from way back before Clearnet was bought by Telus) are cute and give a good feeling associated with the brand.  I cannot say the same for others like Bell and Rogers.  Marketers hope to "touch" people as many times as possible and connect that "touch" to a positive experience.  What a cheap way to do that and touch a broad spectrum of clients and potential clients on a daily basis.  The 2015 calendar also outlined other initiatives Telus  was conducting, creating cross selling of that "good" feeling.  Most of those other initiatives I only learned about from the calendar and I am a long-time Telus client!

I am sure the calendar cost less than a fraction of a single 30 second airing of a TV commercial and yet had a potential "touch" of over 365 days to a very large audience.  The delivery probably cost more than the actual calendar and originally you had to pick-up the calendar in a local Telus store.  I would have done that and what an opportunity to cross sell to your clients!

Very short-sighted Telus.  Send some of your executives to Marketing 101.

I watched football most of yesterday. Every time a Telus commercial played, I got steamed because all I could think of was the discontinuation of my beloved calendar. So for the next 365 days when I am looking at my nonTELUS 2017 wall calendar. I will be pissed. 

Very sad to hear this, will miss the calendar Smiley Sad

So VERY DISAPPOINTED in Telus not doing a paper calendar anymore. Their excuse of demand declining over the years is of course a cop out seeing as they sell out so quickly. Not everyone wants or uses a digital calendar. Some of us really do still use a pen and paper to write things down!!!! Shame on Telus for not at least giving us the customers the choice of ordering one and adding the cost onto our account. 

I don't believe for a minute that the demand for the calendars has declined.. it's pure cost-savings for the company and that's really a shame.  The calendars are lovely.. wonder if shaw, rogers or bell has any? lol  They were a nice perk that Telus used to provide for its valued customers.. to have it reduced to a cost-saving measure and remove them is very disappointing.  It's not like you mailed them out to every customer and many got tossed.. we had to take the time to request and order the 1 calendar we were allowed to have... so the "sustainability" response is pretty lame as well.  Bad call Telus 😞

I think this totally sucks.  It's the one thing we look forward to each year, printing it will not be anywhere the same.  If anything the fact less people are asking for one you should be saving some cash.  Greatly disappointed !!


How can this be, I asked for extra before now and they are always already gone. Nobody needs a digital one, devices come with it.

Come on Telus, don't be so stingy

@RhoLee wrote:

Thank you to everyone for your patience and interest in the TELUS calendars. We love to hear how you have all enjoyed seeing our TELUS critters in the TELUS calendar.


In recent years, the demand for our calendars has significantly declined as more and more people embrace smartphone technology.  With a shift towards technology and our commitment to sustainability, we're excited to share we will be moving to a digital calendar this year. Our creative and digital teams have partnered to develop a digital desktop calendar image for each month of the year.


The new digital calendar will be available very soon, and you will be able to easily download and print it from


Well, aside from the significant amount of ink / color toner to print 12 pages of high quality images from a digital calendar, the resultant quality of the calendar construction would be something I would be too embarrassed to pin up in my house.  Also, not everyone like to use digital calendars, and impractical to share event dates with family members in the house across everyone's digital calendars.

Extremely disappointed the 2017 calendar will be digital only.  Always looked forward to getting this item.  I don't understand how they are not as popular as each year I have tried to get 2 and was always told they are so in DEMAND that even Telus customers could only have one.

To mbp.  the issue isn't that only 139 people complained.  That does not, as your post implies make them not valid.  There are 36 million people in Canada and imagine what a small percentage are Telus customers.  That doesn't make all them invalid either.  For percentages, please note that you seem to be the only one out of 139 posters that seems to be against the calendars and in agreement with how Telus now spends it advertising dollars.  The main issue is that Telus has refused it's customers a second calendar and even a first one if they don't apply quickly enough - on the statement that "they are so in demand, we ran out" and are now telling these same customers that Telus are discontinuing the calendars because "there isn't enough demand for them".  A few years ago, Telus employees were having job action and their union used animals in their commercials against Telus.  Telus freaked, threatened court action etc because those animals were THEIR brand.  I guess they thought they were effective enough then.  I have seen their animal commercials until just recently and I certainly know which company they came from.  On the other hand my mind is totally blank on having seen any other ads from them, which tells you how my mind filter works on the ad bombardment we get every day.  If the commercial isn't cute, or otherwise memorable, I simple do not "see" it.

I don't want digital calendar I want the paper calendar for my wall