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When can we order the 2017 Calendar ??


Did I miss the deadline for the 2017 calendar ??  Have had one every the animals.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for our TELUS calendar. In alignment with our company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we made the decision to move to a digital version of our calendar for 2017. 


Update: Our digital calendar has launched!


If you’re more a digital calendar type-of-person we’ve got you covered. Change your desktop up every month with a new TELUS critter or nature background. It’s free and easy to download, just head on over to


Merci de nous avoir fait part de votre intérêt pour le calendrier TELUS. Conformément à notre engagement visant la protection de l’environnement, nous avons pris la décision d’offrir le calendrier 2017 en format numérique. 


Mise à jour: Notre calendrier numérique est en ligne!


Si vous préférez une version du calendrier numérique, nous avons ce qu’il vous faut. Changez l’arrière-plan de votre bureau tous les mois avec un nouveau fond d’écran d’animaux TELUS ou à thématique nature. Il est gratuit et facile à télécharger, il vous suffit de visiter 

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And is Telus going to give us a credit on our bill to pay for the printing of each month??  I would like the same glossy paper and quality ink as in the previous calendars Telus previously provided.  

Disappointed also.  A lot of  Seniors don't have the smart phones and use their paper calendars to keep track of upcoming appointments, events etc.  And they don't all have computers as well.  Maybe a choice of digital or paper would have been nice.  Obviously not going to happen for 2017, but maybe this could be reconsidered going forward.  Can't believe it took this long to tell us "No paper calendar" !  I'm going to miss seeing those cute animals with my morning coffee !!

I'm not a senior, and although I won't reveal my age, (this is my parent's account) I am in the lower age bracket. Hope Telus knows plenty of people, regardless of age, loves the calendars.

Thank you Telus for listening.  Both my mother and I have put in our orders for the wall calendar.  Hopefully this will continue as a Telus staple.

That is really disappointing. I don't want a digital calendar - I want a real calendar that I can hang on my wall and look at. I'm not on the computer 24/7 and I think it's good to have some things that aren't digital. Oh and telling us we can print it doesn't help those that don't have printers or want a nice calendar. What a disappointment. Not happy. 

Wow, really I am extremely dissapointed, I have received this calendar for years now and I love it,  it hangs on my kitchen wall and I love looking at the animals, one does not have a computer screen hanging on the wall.  I think this is a terrible idea to do away with it, PLEASE do NOT do this and give us back our calendar.   

Friendly Neighbour

No thanks, don't have a cell phone and not going to print off calendar. Boo, guess I'll go elsewhere. Don't believe there was a decline.  As said before, print the calendar, I'm willing to pay, give money to spca


VERY sad. Who needs another digital calendar. How cheap can a company get? Cut back and raise prices. I have had a telus calendar on my wall for years. I guess I will have to switch to a different company.....for my calendar and my phone!


Very disappointed with Telus!  

Not only for not printing a calendar this year, but waiting until this late date to publicize the decision!


Very disappointed; we LOVED them. When I bought my new phone I said I was sticking to Telus, at increased cost, just for the calenda. We would willingly pay for it!

That's very disappointing.

Super disappointed that Telus has decided to discontinue the hardcopy calendar. I don't need a digital desktop calendar. That is what my outlook calendar is for. The hardcopy has always hung in my cubicle at work next to my computer for a quick easy glance at my most important appointments for the day. I am not going to waste my time and personal printer ink printing the digital calendar. I will be going to my local pet store and getting a free calendar from them this year. I have always turned down their calendars because I loved my telus ones.

Not interested in a digital calendar.  I wanted the paper one.  Just another disappointment from Telus.

Well the money you are saving on cutting the calendars will be more than offset by your loss of business (the next time Shaw calls I'll actually talk to them and see what they can do for me) It's not too's Christmas..don't be a Scrooge....Christmas is a time for tradition.

No calendar to hang on my wall! where we have had one for as many years as i can remember. We all loved to see what cute little animal would appear the next month. Your calendars were just such a nice addition to our home, they were amazing. I write our family appointments on it, and look every morning what is going on for the day. It was our organizer. Sorry, but I cant get that same result from an app on my phone. I print out very few items so i do not own a descent printer, so i am not wiling to print up each page each month.


What a huge disappointment.


You guys suck =(

This is SUPER disappointing! The reason for the decline in calendar requests is Telus made it almost IMPOSSIBLE to order calendars and always said the demand outweighed the supply... Even Coast Capital Insurance who said that they don't do calendars are doing them this year. Everyone wants to hang a calendar on their wall. Bad move Telus, also, expecting people to give you ideas to improve your company for FREE is REALLY LAME!  Most companies pay to get great ideas from talented individuals. Telus just gets richer from it's customers and doesn't give anything back. BOO on Telus.

What an utter disappointment.  Whose great idea was a digital, stay looking at your computer screen to see what day it is, idea?  Off with his/her head I say.   The very popular photographic paper calendar, that one can hang on a wall, is a reminder that life in the animal kingdom can be so beautiful and privileged. Surely the calendar was also a very much appreciated and loved THANK YOU from Telus for all the funds we contribute to their business? 

So VERY disappointing.  It was great advertising for Telus as it was in my kitchen and everyone that came to my home always commented on the uniqueness of the calendar.  Such a shame Telus that your company could not keep a little "nostalgia" alive via a paper calendar.  Shame on you for going to a digital calendar and losing all that free advertising that your clients gave you by hanging your calendar in their homes.  Very sad but then again, should have expected as much!

Hi RhoLee,


I sure hope the digital version will have the animal theme, yes????



Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Theresa2 As far as I know, yes, we will be sticking to the same theme 🙂

Yaaaaay! Cat Very Happy