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Telus Ideas Page response?


I posted a request/suggestion titled "Reminders or Auto-Tune!" back in July that was very popular, and the status was changed to "under review" but the last response from a Telus Representative was August 13!  How do we get a further response?  


Community Power User
Community Power User

These type of changes can take quite some time. It's not just a quick simple thing. The suggestion for Auto-tune or Reminders in particular has been going for a couple years now. It's been requested countless times so I wouldn't get your hopes up that this feature will turn up in the short term unless some miracle happens. Knowing Telus and how they announce changes, we'll be the last ones to find out when the feature is available.


Here's a rough guess on the process Telus will use to deal with this idea:


  1. Once enough requests for the feature are received, the idea gets reviewed and if approved as a valid idea, it gets pushed up to some manager(s) for escalation.
  2. Some higher up people (regional managers, directors) review it and if feasible pass it up further to the people that can ultimately approve the idea. (Assuming Telus has flattened out it's management structure a bit.)
  3. If finally approved by all the people involved and it's through the initial red tape, they ask the manufacturer if the feature is possible to add and how much it'll cost.
  4. Response from manufacturer received and cost analysis is done to see exactly how expensive it'll be to implement the feature. Possible additional red tape. Note: This is also the possible step where everything gets shelved if the cost comes back too high.
  5. If the mountain of money is approved, the manufacturer gets the green light.
  6. Programming begins to add the feature. Since the current company that owns Mediaroom isn't the one that developed it, the exact amount of time needed to do this could be weeks, months, or years. This may just be programming for the boxes or it could be the middleware too, which could take longer.
  7. Once the first round of programming is complete, the beta testing begins to ensure stable operation of the code to ensure no problems for end users. This is followed by fixing any bugs found, then re-testing the new code.
  8. Once all that fun is finished, the update is given to Telus. Telus may or may not elect to do some final testing of their own before pushing it out to the set top boxes. Since most software updates to the set top boxes are done in phases, not everyone will get the software update right away. 

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