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My Internet 75 is going up by $5 to $85 per month beginning February 25. I only found out because I read the small print in my bill.


Shaw is doubling their speed to 600 Mbps without a price increase.


Telus charges $85 for 75 Mbps, or 88¢ per Mb.

Shaw charges $60 for 600 Mbps, or 10¢ per Mb.




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Community Power User

But, unless you have multiple users on your network simultaneously, you'll rarely, if ever see downloads anywhere near 600 Mbps. High speeds are great for bragging rights but are of little utility for most folks usage patterns.



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Telus technicians consider your Internet to be 'working' if your download speeds are with 75%. For example, 75% of 75 Mbps is about 56 Mbps. So if your download speed is 56 Mbps or better, they don't consider anything to be wrong.


I don't know what Shaw's policy is.



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Community Power User
Shaw’s policy is the same and eventually they won’t even bother fixing anything with repeated service calls. Even if there is a problem.

I was with Shaw at one point and that happened to me. I always had TV and internet problems they eventually shrugged me off.

So I returned all their equipment and have been happy with TELUS ever since. With the few issues I had they made sure it was rectified even if required many visits.

Even if you complain on Shaw forums they delete the posts and eventually ban you. This just stating issues with their services.

Thanks for the insight.