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Outgoing mail server-Mac Mail

I've been having issues with my outgoing mail server. No trouble with incoming mail in Mac mail. This has happened before and tech support was awesome in solving the problem. Today, after being on hold/phone for more than 38 minutes, I was referred to a fee-for-service agent. Not acceptable as Telus set up the outgoing mail server remotely on my previous call

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Community Power User

I've said it before, most of the support people there are Mac illiterate. There may be one or two that know OSX but they are hard to get. 


Are you getting an error message?

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Community Power User

We may be able to help you if you share a description of the issues you are having.  There are a number of OS X users here onto forums who may be able to offer assistance.


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Usually the latest version of Apple Mail automatically finds the Telus server settings. To change the settings go to "Mail" next to the apple logo then click preferences. Highlight the Telus email account you have already set up then click on the "outgoing mail server (SMTP)" drop down and click "edit SMTP server list" Either highlight the current Telus smtp server or create a new server by clicking the + . Then make your settings look like this: