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Online PDFs not updating to reflect account changes.

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Why are invoices only generated once a month, when account changes and online PDF invoices exist?


When a substantial account change is made, the current system is that the change is reflected with a credit the next month. This is a fairly antiquated system. Modern companies, when you make a substantial change to an account, generate a new invoice and email it to you as a PDF. Then the charges are properly reflected and handled in a reasonable period of time. Wholesale ISPs a fraction of Telus' size have this and have had it as an option for several years, though some of the changes were limited to when the changes could be made. That Telus doesn't have this ability, when they can change accounts overnight and encourage people to make those changes, seems somewhat absurd. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

I’ve at least 3 home services (Internet, TV, and phone), and manage 2 businesses with multiple services. Receiving a single monthly invoice with adjustments reflected is much simpler than having a number of bills, or changing bill dates. Similarly, I don’t see an account statement each time I make a credit card purchase, or add to my stock portfolio.


I do agree you should receive an email outlining the transaction.


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