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Just Moved In

Two things actually first i would love if Veronica Mars the movie was available on demand or on superchannel as i really don't want to spend $25 to buy it on ITUNES.. Also i think that movies that have been on optik on the go for more then 5 months should be deleted.. Not alot of new choices available once you have watched majority of them... Also i suggest adding WEEDS series as Netflix only has up to season 5 missing 3 seasons...


Community Power User
Community Power User
Usually the availability of movies and shows is determined by the owner of the product. As such, the distribution channels may or may not have access to a particular product, or may have to distribute it according to particular stipulations. Thus just as iTunes can only sell certain movies, and rents others, Telus, Netflix etc. are limited in the products they can distribute.

Maybe you should indicate your interest to the producer?
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CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Hmm.... I just did a search for "Veronica Mars" and see it's playing on several MC channels.  Perhaps just sign up for a quick subscription and cancel it next month.