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I can receive email but cant send

Just Moved In

For some reason I can no longer send emails, but I am receiving with no problem....any thoughts on this?



Post your server settings for your outgoing mail (leave out account info). If you don't know where to find the settings then let us know what program you are using for mail.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Also, if you are connecting using wireless. If yes, check to make sure you haven't jumped to a neighbor's wireless network. 

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Greetings, we'll need more information in order to help, like which type of email account are you using? (gmail, outlook). Which type of mobile device are you using as well? You can try adding a different email account and see if you can send/receive from it. A web/4G issue would prevent you from receiving as well so I don't think it's network related. Try to delete/re-add the email account and make sure to have the proper outgoing server mail for your email. Also, can you use your email account from a computer?