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Frustration with My Account


I'm a new Telus customer with PureFibre 150/150 and Optik TV.  Here are some real frustrations as a new customer:

- PureFibre customers seem to have different support resources that are not well publicised

- every time I use Chat I am told that I need to be transferred to a different team so at least make Chat send you to the correct team right off the bat

- can't manage my Optik TV in My Account - was told it was a technical problem - well then FIX IT

- can't manage anything to do with the internet service - told it is because it is PureFibre - the technical issue message has been there from the get go - FIX IT

- half the stuff is on the Classic account site - make it all or nothing - it is VERY frustrating being bounced around to manage your account

- I get an offer in My Account for reduced internet rate if I sign up for two years, only to be told when I click on the link that oh that offer is not available to me - so why show me the offer in the first place


So basically I set up My Account, get all my accounts linked etc, but can do squat in terms of managing my services.  Can't even add Home Phone online - get told to phone or use Chat - and then get a run around for a simple request to add Home Phone when Chat is finally answered.



Just an update and FYI - customers on the PureFibre internet service can manage all parts of their account services at - that includes Internet, Optik TV, and Home Phone.

My home phone account can no longer be managed online.  All I get is 'contact us'.  By phone presumably?  Waiting on the phone?  Sure, good news, there's a new app for mobile but, you've taken off a home phone service.  To order a new service say, call waiting, we used to be directed to the classic site.  Now we are to contact you by phone.  I want to see the bill, see how much I'm adding and see what I can substitute.  I don't want to talk on the phone with someone who can't possibly be familiar with my account and has such a strong accent that it is barely possible to conduct business. [ And no, that isn't racist or anti-immigrant!  Hire immigrants when they are fluent in English and/or French].


And, why are communications so difficult with a communications company?  Is it because you know how to avoid the public?  Your website almost never functions as it should, for example I'll open page a, link to page b and a further link will send me back to login or page a.  On the phone, we used to be asked for a call back.  Not any more.  It is frustrating to have to contact Telus.


I guess I should be writing this to the CRTC.