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Double Billing


    I am wondering about the rate of interest that Telus charges automatically to customers that do not pay their bill on time.    I have pre-authorized payments but on my present bill they are charging me once again for last months bill ( with interest ) along with this months bill.  They automatically already withdrew the money for last month.

   So I assume when they take more money from me than I actually owe then they would have to pay me the interest every month on the extra money at the same rates that they charge customers that do not pay their bills.   Does anyone know for sure or would you have to go through small debts court ??    

   I have not contacted them about this matter as they did not contact me about the so called overdue amount plus interest and I have the proof of it already being previously automatically withdrawn.  And they already have the interest charges for the so called overdue money added on so I figure what is fair for them is fair for me also.


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Honestly, your best bet would be to contact TELUS Customer Care at 310-2255. If you ever think you're being charged for something you should not be, they will be more than happy to clarify things and rectify the situation if that's the case.