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Communications Company that Doesn't Want to Communicate.

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I have to say I'm a little more than angry.  I have been waiting on the phone for my second night for over an hour.  I gave up last night because I had to get some work done.  Telus has decided unilaterally to change my contract and made a second contract for me that charges me more than the first.  I am now wasting valuable time to rectify their mistake and you know what? They don't care!  If they did care they would staff their customer service like they staff their marketing/sales positions.  I can speak to someone in sales in a few minutes at most but if I want to speak to someone after I bought a service, it will take hours on the phone.  NEVER AGAIN TELUS.  I AM GOING BACK TO SHAW ASAP!!!!


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A call first thing in the morning usually has a shorter wait time. They also usually have the option for a callback, so you don't have to wait on the phone for an agent.


If you describe the situation here, the Neighourhood members can often offer help, suggestions, or solutions.


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@a9mandm9 were you able to reach a resolution to your problem?