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Any plans on the radar to add any of the following channels?

-- CBC HD Winnipeg
-- Global HD Halifax
-- Global HD Okanagan
-- NTV (St. John's ) HD
-- Fox News HD
-- American Heroes Channel
-- TVA Sports
-- RTP Portugal

I am hoping Telus can add We Tv

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi there, these requests are best suited for : )


Please add American Heroes Channel.

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Community Power User

Please note, posting requests for channels on the forums will not work. Either submit a request using SeaOtter's link or email it to

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Community Manager

@00Spy​ for channel suggestions, head over to our Ideas page. 8-)

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That idea page frankly is waste of time. Any suggestions get buried and there is no real order. Let alone a vote system to pick popular channels. Really backwards and a simple thing to integrate.

Just like the auto subscribe if you reply to a post, you have to manually uncheck it. It's ANNOYING and was suppose to be looked at 4 months ago, nothing has been done..

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@WestCoasterBC​ I would disagree. They've implemented quite a few ideas, including content suggestions. If you want them to bring a certain channel, you need to submit a new idea for each channel and have it voted up. WWE was made possible by the Neighbourhood Ideas page. See this page:

Have you voiced your complaint about the subscription feature to one of the mods?

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