Can you have 2 Telus accounts on the same address?


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I have Telus internet and my new tenants have Telus internet as well and are on a contract, they would like to move their service to my basement suite. Can they move their service to the lower suite and I keep my Telus optiks upstairs ? Guess I'm really saying is can their be 2 different Telus accounts ( 2 different contracts and plans )on the same address?
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There could be, but there would likely need to be two connections to the Telus network, either copper or Fibre. To my knowledge, Telus does not offer a separation of accounts on a single line.


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Hi Alexandratazzy,


In general you should be able to have 2 separate accounts at your home. However there are certain cases where this may not be possible if the basement/suite being rented does not have a separate designation by the municipality you are in. It would be best to reach out ahead of time to the Home Services / Residential team to see if this is possible for your unit. You can reach out to them via chat from a computer at or call ​​​​​​​1-888-811-2323