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Can i cancel services online


Cant find anywhere online to cancel serviced



You need to call in to customer service. Terminating service can be quite complicated due to all the different scenarios. Still on contract, outstanding balance, rental equipment, etc.


Why you looking to cancel @Darcy69

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I've been able to change my remove certain of my services online.


I don't think you can cancel your services online.


I too could not find anyway to cancel online, guess they want to make it difficult or to see if thy can resolve the reason for the termination, in my case, it is because Optik does not support HDMI (yeah, go figure, every BDU uses HDMI except TELUS) and without a tech visiting, your service will shut down if you stay on the same channel for more than four hours....pretty stupid IMO. 

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Not quite sure what you mean by "Optik does not support HDMI." My PVR and Wireless boxes are connected to TVs with an HDMI cable, and video & sound work fine.


The Green Energy approval is what drives the 4 hour shutdown of the PVR. If you are watching TV something as simple as changing the volume or muting the sound will reset the timer. I can see this being a problem for those using the TV as a display in a reception room or similar, but likely not so much for others.


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You can also call Telus and they can increase the 4 hour shutdown time.

Really? I've had two visits, they suggest that I must use component for video and optical for audio, last visit from a TELUS tech was less than two months ago. Are you suggesting they are not telling me the truth? They simply refuse to change out the Cisco 430 box. 

The issue is with HDMI, the audio garbled and if you rewind 7 seconds and replay or change the channel it re-syncs. 

(About to connect an ATMOS receiver and no component connectivity) 

And why is it limited to 4 hours - assume they never watch hydro Sunday from Seafair or a golf tournament or an overtime hockey game? PITA where it shuts down. But then I am rewinding every hour or so to get the audio back anyway..... 

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If you constantly have problems with your PVR receiver, schedule for a tech to come to your house. Specifically tell them you're having ongoing issues with the PVR, and the issues are easily replicated. The Tech should bring the latest PVR with him and swap it out. Keep in my mind you will lose all recordings, only the scheduled times to record shows are retained and transferred to the new PVR. I run an old 330 in the office on HDMI without any issues. 


All green energy rated electronics have a shutdown time to conserve power. As i stated above calling into Telus they can increase the shutdown time remotely if a customer requests it.

Assume you are not really paying attention. I have tried that approach, twice, Once four months ago and again two months ago. Both of the techs have been excellent, very nice guys that went thru the standard procedures and "party line" with out being able to resolve my issue. Seems really strange as when a tech has arrived at the house, they have already spent the windshield time to get here and if the box can be changed out, why not do it?I have now decieded to return to Eastlink or maybe go to Shaw - both not my first choice for a number of reasons. If TELUS can't or won't make it work then I really have no choice but to look for an alternative. The internet works very well and our on-line experience has been awesome. Our experience with component has also been trouble free, it is only the HDMI connection that does not work and is simply not acceptable. This is a documented and often recurring problem for many as covered elsewhere on the neighbourhood. Over the past two hours, audio has lost sync, twice - this has been a good night. 

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I read and understood what you said. What I posted above will get it swapped out. I've done it many times for myself personally from routers to pvrs. The tech will always come and do the swap no questions asked, after setting up a service call. The 430 is a very old PVR (5 years old) that runs slow and lacks proper memory, the longer it stays running the slower it performs. Memory usage is always almost at the max with little free memory. The 6015 PVR uses roughly 48% memory has a faster chip, response is very fluid. Your 430 will be very slow navigating (especially in on demand), the 7150 was an improvement but 6015 is much faster.


Unless you have some off brand tv that has trouble with HDMI there is no reason it won't work reliably. (Unless a hardware issue with the PVR) Most HDMI issues are handshake issues between the receiver and tv or a bad cable. It either works or doesn't work at all.

Sorry, did not mean to come off as disrespectful. Perhaps you can advise
how to contact TELUS and ask that a tech swap out the non-HDMI compatible
PVR (words of the last two techs, not mine). I have asked tech support and
the techs to do what you ask, why have the completely disregarded my
requests? if what you say is true, TELUS has wasted a lot of time totally
upsetting a client to the extent the frustration level is so bad, I am
considering leaving. If I did not know better, I'd swear I was dealing with
Rogers! Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions, much appreciated.

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I can understand your level of frustrations no worries. With technology you just want it to work (we all do). I have had issues as well and just wanted it resolved. Simply call Telus and tell them the exact reason you're calling, and you're frustrated with the old PVR not performing as it should. State you've had multiple techs come out but they never replace the PVR or address the issue. 


Kindly ask the customer service rep for the tech bring you the latest PVR on his service call. When the tech arrives and does the swap, have him call in and increase the (time out) to the max allowed. Saves you calling in on the normal customer line and possibly having a long wait to speak to someone.


Hopefully this will resolve any issues you had once and for all. So you can enjoy all Optik TV and Telus has to offer. 


You can contact Telus online by chat or toll free here.


Have a great night. 




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Thanks for the links and the information, although for the life of me I do not see any difference in your valued suggestion and what I've done previously. Will give it a try today and see if TELUS can help.


PS - thanks for the tip on the edit, did not realize it was there.





Well, as of Monday at 9:30AM I have a new PVR and what I think is a slim line 2 remote. Since then we have not had a single audio drop and holy cow it is connected HDMI - go figure, Optik may actually work with HDMI. The remote will power up/down PVR/TV/Receiver simultaneously whereas my old remote would only power up/down two units with the push of one button. The tech support CSR I talked to on Friday actually listened, that I had been thru all the normal process including connecting using component cables. I also reference this forum and said the "power users" suggested it was easy to get a box swapped out if you have ongoing issues. Still, it took indicating I would consider leaving before he said he would schedule a tech to review and if necessary swap out the box. I requested that if the PVR could not swapped out with other than a 430, I hoped the service tech might be prepared to take all of the Optik boxes with him. I also requested a specific tech who had left me a new HDMI cable on a previous visit. 

The support CSR called back tonight to ask if everything was satisfactory. Nice to be treated like a customer.

All actions thru the PVR, including those from the two 330 boxes are much better/faster. The whole service call was under 45 minutes - amazing when you consider I have spent maybe 180 to 240 minutes on the phone over the past two years. I wonder how may clients just walk with their feet?


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Glad everything was resolved and you can enjoy Optik TV like it was meant to be.