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Upgrading or Changing Your Smartphone


If you've recently upgraded or changed your smartphone, there are a number of things to be sure to do. We've got some resources below to help you with your new device. Let's get started!


Ordering Online

Most flagship devices are available for preorder the week before the official launch date. This is a great way to ensure you're getting the hottest new device from the convenience of your home. We all know though, that the wait for that phone to arrive can be excruciating. To help, we recommend using our handy Online Order Tracking Tool to keep tabs on your order. We've even got info on how to use it over here!


Swapping Your SIM

If your previous phone used the same sized SIM as your new one, it's usually as easy as removing it and inserting the SIM into the new one. If you want to swap the SIM online, we've got a handy guide for that, too!


If however, your new phone requires a different sized SIM or if you're a new TELUS client, you'll need to purchase one. We always suggest ordering one at the same time as your phone but if you forgot, you can easily order one online or pick one up at the nearest TELUS store.


Transferring Content

Check out our extensive guide for transferring data from your old phone to your new one.


Protecting Your Device

Now that your new phone is ready, let's talk about protecting it. An important first step in doing that is to consider a new phone case to protect your new smartphone. Not just an accessory, they can provide peace of mind with shock-absorbing features, waterproofing, and extra grip. Always a smart move.


Purchasing an extended warranty is also a good choice, as manufacturer warranties only cover hardware failure. Device Care Complete and AppleCare+ extend the manufacturer's warranty up to 2 years and add protection against accidental damage.


Still have questions about your order or new device? Send us a direct message on X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook  pages, or ask the community over in the Mobility Forum.




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