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I like travelling.


Am I good at it? That’s debatable. I get lost easily, buy souvenirs that I can’t fit in my bag, lose my camera and embarrass myself attempting to pronounce words as the locals do.


What I can do is prepare for trips. Passport current? Check. Bag packed? Two days ago. Fridge cleared of expirables? Don’t mind if I do. PVR set? Yup.


I can’t help you with your passport but let me share some things I know about travelling.



Short Trips


If you’re taking a quick trip to the next province over or across the border into the USA or further south to Mexico, here are some of the things you’ll want to think about:


  • Easy Roam for your TELUS Mobility cell phone. The Easy Roam option is like taking your Canadian plan with you and can be added online or by text. For details go to
  • Access your voicemail from anywhere. Listen to your TELUS home phone voicemail messages from any phone and if you have internet access, listen to them online at telus.comCheck your TELUS Mobility cell phone messages from any phone and even set it up so you receive your voicemail messages by text or email.
  • Program your PVR with your phone or tablet. You’re at the airport and suddenly remember that you forgot to set up your PVR to record Dancing with the Stars while you’re away. Not a problem with the Optik TV app. Set and manage your PVR recordings on the go from any Apple or Android device.


If you’re a snowbird heading south for the winter or working up north for a few months, you’ll also have to think about who’s going to mow the lawn or shovel the snow, what to do with your mail, and how much a goldfish-sitter is.


I can’t help you with your fish but here are some TELUS travel tips:


Long Trips


  • Make sure you’re on TELUS e.Bill. A paper bill in your mailbox isn’t much good when you’re not there to open it. A TELUS e.Bill shows up in your email inbox on your phone or computer wherever you happen to be. Switch to e.Bill for your home service and your mobility service.
  • Set up pre-authorized payments. TELUS offers several ways to pay your bill but the easiest way is by pre-authorized payment. Set the payments to come out of your bank account or credit card and it’s one less thing to worry about while you’re travelling away from home.
  • Put your service on hold. You’re going to be away for three months and you don’t want to pay for TV in an empty home or your cell phone while it sits in a drawer. Instead of paying a cancellation fee, put your TELUS Mobility service and/or home services on hold for a reduced charge. If you have a home security system that requires a home phone or internet connection you’ll want to leave those active but save some money and suspend anything you don’t need.


Whatever takes you away from home, TELUS wants to do our part to help make it stress-free.


If you’ve left it to the last minute and are reading this the night before you leave:


  1. Everything above can be done online or with a quick phone call or online chat once you get where you’re going.
  2. If your passport is expired - Good luck.
  3. If your goldfish needs fish-sitting - I might be able to help but I’ve got a pretty spotty track record so you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.



Safe journeys 🙂

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