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The TELUS Device Checkup application allows you to optimize and troubleshoot hardware/software issues with Android and iOS devices. You can also check your warranty status and repair options and check your trade-in value. It can also help you with great tutorials including “adding a contact”, “inserting and removing the SIM card” and many more tutorials.


How to download the TDCu app



iOS (Apple)


Ensure that you have an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection.


Visit the Google Play store from your device, and searches for TELUS Device Checkup

Visit the Apple App Store from your device, and searches for TELUS Device Checkup.


Alternatively, if you select the new Diagnostics link available in the app will be either:

  • Brought directly to the App Store or Google Play, prompting you to install, or
  • TELUS Device Checkup app will launch if you have already installed it.


How to: Run a Checkup 




Launch the TELUS Device Checkup application (once installed) by tapping the applicable icon from the device menu.


First time users:

You must accept Terms & Conditions and allow data usage access to use the app.

  • Follow prompts to open settings. You will be brought to the Usage Data Access section.
  • Find and select the Checkup app
  • Allow usage tracking
  • Go back to return to the app


All tests will be selected by default, though you may select/de-select which tests they wish to perform, including:

  • Battery (battery health, battery usage)
  • Storage (Internal / external memory usage)
  • Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM)
  • Data (Data Usage)
  • Device (Software updates, security)

Click Start at the bottom of the screen.


All tests selected are run.

The battery drain test (unless skipped on Android) will run for approximately 30 seconds, maximizing screen brightness, flash, and vibration to assess battery health.


A results summary is displayed, and color-coded by severity level:

  • Device alerts and critical updates: Red or Yellow
  • Optimization recommendations: Green

Select green chevron next to the results you wish to see



How to: Check warranty or view tutorials



Confirm warranty status

  • Select the Warranty icon along the bottom of the app window.
  • (Apple Devices and Android 10+ only) Enter your phone number
  • Based on your warranty coverage and device type, customized service options are displayed to guide you on your next steps for repair.


  • If you’re using an Apple device or Android 10+ device you will need to enter your phone number to verify your account and warranty status. This number will not be stored in the app.
  • You can also check your warranty status online at

View device tutorials

  • Select the Tutorials icon along the bottom of the app window.
  • The Tutorial tool will teach you to use your device for topics ranging from simple to complex.
  • Step by step walkthroughs is provided.

Examples include Getting Started, Texting and Messaging, Email, and Productivity and Efficiency.

Check Trade-In value

  • Select the Trade-in icon along the bottom of the app window.
  • Select “Check Your Quote”
  • Complete the interactive tests and questions.
  • Receive your custom trade-in value.


  • New devices may not retrieve a trade-in value.
  • This is an estimated value and will not be confirmed till you visit a store

Additional support

For additional features within the app, you can select the menu icon (three dots) in the top right corner for:

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