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You’ve opened up your shiny new smartphone and you’re the subject of phone envy amongst all your friends. Before you take that new device to the beach or even the bathroom, there are a few things you should consider to protect your device from being damaged, lost, or stolen.



Phone cases aren’t just an attractive accessory for your phone. They’re multi-faceted and can protect your device by shock-absorbing, waterproofing, and provide extra grip. Fitting your device with the right protective case for day-to-day use, or a special activity is the first step to preventing a damaged phone.

Purchasing an extended warranty is also a good option, as manufacturer warranties only cover hardware failure. TELUS Device Care and AppleCare+ extend the manufacturer’s warranty up to 2 years and adds protection against accidental damage.


Water damage

The key to preventing water damage is to plan. Not storing your phone in your back pocket can prevent it from falling into the toilet, and storing it in a sealed waterproof bag or case will prevent water damage at the beach or pool. It’s also a good idea to store your phone safely before hitting up the beach or pool; you wouldn’t want to accidentally enter the water, or get thrown in, with your phone in your pocket.

If your phone has come in contact with water, check out our article on What to Do With a Wet Phone.


Cracked Screen

Did you know that some manufacturer warranties cover cracked screens in the first 30 days? If you are past the 30 days and you don’t have an extended warranty, you can take your device to the nearest TELUS dealer to receive a repair quote. This is often a less expensive option than replacing it.


Lost or Stolen Device

Some common ways to lose your device include leaving it on the rooftop of your car, forgetting it at a restaurant, club, public transit, or taxi. In addition, 1 of 10 phones is reported stolen.

Always put your phone away in your pocket or bag when not in use in public, and ensure that you have a lock code to protect you in the case of loss or theft.

If by some misfortune your phone is lost or stolen, check out our Lost or Stolen Phone article on the steps to take.


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